The Golden Room


636 SE 49th 
Portland, OR 97215

  *Please note that the studio is located in the backyard of a residential home.   Please just walk to the right of the house and through the gate, and follow the path to our lovely little sanctuary.

The Golden Room is a massage sanctuary nestled in the sweetest of gardens.  As you drift away into tranquility, the elements seep in through the quietness, embracing all of the senses.   In alchemy lead is transformed into gold.  The wise ones claim that this is a metaphor for the actual transformation that takes place within the soul when your inner light unfurls into gold.   The Golden Room will take you in to another realm as reflections of your true brightness begin to glimmer.  Our massage therapists have nearly 30 years of combined experience and simply can't wait for you to share our sacred space.

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